Working with Your Flameless Candle Supplier to Increase Sales

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When you’re searching for a flameless candle supplier, it’s important to consider the quality of their candles and displays, their reputation, and the features of the product.

Candles and Displays

With the advances in flameless candle technology, there’s no reason why your customers should have to put up with low quality plastic candles with fake-looking lights. You can find high quality wax candles with dancing flames that flicker just like the real thing.
A flameless candle display can help you boost your sales by helping inform your customers of the benefits of LED candles. You can find freestanding multi-sided displays that show more than one type of candle so your customers have an increased chance of finding the right candle for their collection. Your flameless candle supplier will also have a selection of P.O.P.s and posters so you can find the right display for your store.
A display that explains the benefits of LED candles has a better chance of increasing your sales. A consumer who is unaware of the benefits will walk right by a display. By showing the consumer what’s in it for him, you increase the chance that he’ll stop and pick up a candle. With high quality wax candles with realistic flickering flames on display, you increase the chance that your customer will try a flameless candle.
Another advantage of a display, P.O.P., or easel sign is that it does the talking when you’re busy with another customer or have a customer who prefers to browse alone. If the customer has a question, the display provides talking points to help staff get started.

The Benefits of Flameless Candles for Your Customers

Ask your flameless candle supplier about their full range of candles. There are some innovative candles with many eye-catching features and your flameless candle supplier will be more than happy to walk you through their premium candles and their unique selling points. An established supplier with a high quality candle will likely have Try Me boxes available as well. This lets your customers see the flickering flame so they know they won’t sacrifice ambience for safety.
It’s important to educate your staff on the benefits of flameless candles since some are better known than others. The biggest selling point for battery-operated candles is that they are safer than traditional candles since there’s no risk of fire if one is accidently knocked over. This makes them perfect for families with small children or pets.
Talk to your flameless candle supplier about the longevity of their candles. Since the wax doesn’t melt, all flameless candles will hold their shape through hours of burn time. Different candles will have different battery life, with some lasting hundreds of hours. For example, the popular Premium Pillars by Candle Impressions will last up to 3,000 hours with each battery change, offering great value for your customers.
Flameless candles that use remote controls are also popular since they let your customers control the candle without leaving the couch. Some candles can even be programmed to turn on and off at certain times or run for a certain number of hours.
Talk to your flameless candle supplier about adding flameless candle displays to help educate your customers and increase candle sales.

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